How to skip some dimension for multi value

I am using druid batch ingestion where I have a dimension which is multi valued. I am using listDelimiter in parseSpec. The issue is another dimension which is single valued contains the delimiter specified so it also gets treated as multi valued. Part of my spec json

    "parseSpec": {
        "format": "tsv",
        "dimensionsSpec": {
            "dimensions": [
        "delimiter": "\u0001",
        "listDelimiter": ","

Here persona is multivalued which is delimited by a comma but country is not. Is there any way so that only persona will be treated as multi-valued and not rqCountry.


Not currently; the simplest thing to do is modify your tsv file to use a different separator for listDelimiter.

Is this problem solved??

I have the same problem with you.

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