How to solve" Try increasing druid.query.groupBy.maxOnDiskStorage" problem

hi, all

I have a problem when i execute druid sql of group by .

“error”: “Resource limit exceeded”,

“errorMessage”: “Not enough resources to execute this query. Try increasing druid.query.groupBy.maxOnDiskStorage, druid.query.groupBy.maxMergingDictionarySize, or druid.processing.buffer.sizeBytes.”,

“errorClass”: “io.druid.query.ResourceLimitExceededException”,

anybody who knows how to fix it?



The error means that Druid couldn’t compute the response in memory. By default it will return this error, and you could fix it in the ways the error mentions (either allow it to use disk through maxOnDiskStorage, or increase memory available through the other parameters).

I think you might have an older version too, since newer versions have more specific error messages that tell you more specific advice.

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