How to stop druid nodes

Hi Druid team,
Thanks for providing necessary helpful information on druid and I wanted to stop running druid nodes like coordinator, overlord, historical, broker, etc. Currently, I am manually killing those processes by process id. Is there a better way to shutdown/ stop those nodes using single line command. Appreciate your help.


are you using the imply distro ?

if so you can use the command ./NODE_TYPE.SH start/stop for instance to stop broker it will be

./bin/ stop

Hi Slim,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m using imply. However, when i run this command from imply/dist/druid folder:

./bin/ stop

It giives me message saying “No broker node to stop”. However, these java processes are running. Can u pls guide me.

Hey Kuntesh,

If you’re using the “supervise” program that comes with the Imply distro then you can just CTRL-C it. Or, if it’s running in the background, you can do “bin/service --down”. More info is available at

Thanks Gian. This helps a lot. Yes, I was running supervise program and was able to stop druid nodes using command that you provided.