I can't make Tranquility DruidBeam example work

Hi all, sorry for this noob question.


I tried both Java and Scala examples, and both not working.

My procedure is as follows,

  1. Use maven to create a project
  2. Put the following in pom.xml

  1. Copy java or scala example into App.java or App.scala.
  2. Compile with mvn package

There’s error of jackson-module-scala_2.11 version 2.4.6 cannot be found. I tried to search maven.org and found that 2.4.6 in deed does not exist, there’s only 2.4.5 or 2.5.0.

So, I excludes jackson-module-scala_2.11 from tranquility-core, and add a new dependency for jackson-module-scala_2.11 with version 2.4.5 (I tried 2.5.0 too).

The compilation is fine. But when I run it, there’s exception: JsonMappingException: Jackson version is too old 2.4.6.

So my question is:

  1. Is Tranqulity still maintained and usable?
  2. The provided maven repository seems not working, how to use Tranquility as library and compile it in my own code? I couldn’t really find any tutorials or something like that to teach me how to do it (I just learned to use Maven today!)


Hey Mingze,

Sorry, this was a packaging error in v0.7.0. Can you please try v0.7.1?