I could not query the datasource by latest version of Version

Dear everybody,

I am anxious that I cannot query the datasources by latest version of version. I have downloaded the latest and operate it as the ducumention in druid official website.

I have upload 2 datasource named ‘wtp’ and ‘wikipedia’ successfully.

Then I click the button query, and input the sentence ,but i met an exception.I do not know how it could be happen.Anyone who can help me?

Hey Michael,

That error means Druid’s SQL server does not know of any “wikipedia” datasource. You could get a list of datasources it knows about by doing:


Thanks, i will try it and I will go back to you.

Gian Merlino gian@imply.io 于2019年7月24日周三 上午1:58写道:

I have input the command line you told me.

but i don not know how to do.

when i input the sentences: select * from wtp

It did not work.

Gian Merlino gian@imply.io 于2019年7月24日周三 上午1:58写道:

can you share a screenshot please

Hi, can you please check if there are any other errors in broker or router logs?

Scoffi, do you find any messages related to this in the broker log? That could help.