I have found a bug in spatial dimention when compacting

All the friends and staff in druid:

I am very excited that I have found a bug in the spatial dimention.

When we want to compacting segment, the tutorial in the offcial website say that we

need not to edit the dimention spec when posting up the compact task.

But you will encounter a bug if you do it . If you have a spatial dimention and do not

edit the dimention spec within spatial dimention. The compact task would change the

spatial dimention into normal String type dimention.

Then when you want to query something within spatial filter,you would got nothing.

At this time,the spatial dimention do not work.

Please fix the bug as soon as possible.I love druid. And I feel it is the best olap system i

have ever come across.

Hi Scoffi,

Could you please go ahead and file a BUG with the complete details :