If i change druid server.json, Do i need to restart all the nodes?

I am adding a new data source in server.json, which nodes I need to reboot or do i need to reboot all the nodes ?


You do not need to reboot any Druid nodes to add a new data source.



Thanks for the response but it doesn’t work without restart for me. Can you suggest ?

Druid Version - 1.2.1


  1. I add a new measurement in server.json and drop it to the imply without restart.

  2. I start sending data for the new measurement.

  3. The data for the new measurement doesn’t gets submitted. I get exceptions here.

  4. I Just restart Druid and it started working as expected.

When does Druid picks up the new server.json ? Does it poll every few N minutes to load the changes ?


I tried dropping server.json and left it for a long time, the new measurement did not got picked up .

Only after I rebooted Druid, it worked.