Implementing druid functions in json


I am able to query using cast function in druid but via SQL. Below is my query:


“queryType”: “SQL”,

“query”: “SELECT NodeB_C_1,NodeB_C_11,NodeB_P_3,__time FROM NodeB_Raw WHERE COUNTER_GROUP_ID=‘NodeB_CG_1’ AND __time BETWEEN TIMESTAMP ‘2019-02-11 05:46:00’ AND TIMESTAMP ‘2019-02-11 11:46:00’ GROUP BY __time,NodeB_C_1,NodeB_C_11,NodeB_P_3 HAVING CAST(NodeB_C_11 AS varchar(10)) LIKE ‘_%’ ORDER BY NodeB_P_3 DESC”


Can anyone please help me in creating json query for using cast function which i need to apply on metric columns for regex filtering.

Thanks in advance.

You can add “Explain PLAN FOR” in the beginning of your SQL query, this will show you equivalent json query.

Is there any reason you wouldn’t use SQL itself?

and see if the Client APIs would help.

Thanks & Rgds