Imply 2.9.16 image from Docker Hub

Hi All,

I have taken imply/imply latest image from docker hub(Imply-2.9.16). I have added S3 extension in common properties. But I dont see LOAD tab in console. Submitting the task to ingest data from S3 also does not work. Does this version has LOAD tab? Does this support ingestion from S3? Thanks.

Hey @ankit2004 I’m not familiar with it myself so I’ve just pinged some peeps internally. I think that’s a very old version back from April 2019 : I think Imply 2.9.20 included Druid 0.14 - and the Load tab wasn’t contributed to Druid until Druid 0.15.

You may want to contact Imply directly on their website…

Thanks, yes, it seems its an older version when Load Tab was not in console.