Indexing same dimension twice

Hi everyone,

We’re on Druid 0.9.2. We want to show three dimensions on our front-end that should all be linked by a common ID.

I tried indexing the data normally and then showing the same data three times but with different lookups on Pivot 0.9.0 (through the config.yaml), but without success. The interface shows: “There are no queryable datasources configured”. Such as this:

  • name: img_id

title: Image Name

expression: $img_id.lookup(‘backend’).fallback(‘Not Available’)

  • name: img_id

title: Image ID

expression: $img_id

  • name: img_id

title: Image Address

expression: $img_id.lookups(‘backend2’).fallback(‘Not Available’)

So, if this doesn’t work, this takes me to the next question, would there be any way to index a same dimension twice (or in this case, three times) but with another name, so I can access them and assign lookups however I want**?**

I know it’s not optimal, and that it would take up much more space, but it would really save us a lot of trouble.




I was finally able to do this by changing the -name of the dimension and adding different lookups.



Glad you got this sorted!