Indexing Service doesn't recognize / use the correct partitionSpec

I wrote a new extension that supports multi-dimension partitioning. So in order to test that end-end, I am using the wikipedia example.

The extension jar is included in the classpath for coordinator, historical, overlord and broker.

Here the task given to the indexing service - and here’s what i see printed in the overlord console logs

The indexing service somehow doesn’t recognize my plugin defaults to using hashed partitionSpec. No error is printed out.

I first made sure that the partitionSpec class is in the jar

jar -tvf druid-plugins- | grep -i PartitionsSpec
  1979 Fri Mar 04 05:37:02 PST 2016 io/druid/query/multiDim/partition/MultiDimensionPartitionsSpec.class

From IntelliJ, I ran the Hadoop Druid Indexer job with this spec and it ingested just fine. But I had to tweak the code a bit to make this work as I didn’t want it to write to metadata storage. Hence the null in metadataUpdateSpec.

This confirms that my druid plugin is hooked up fine. But I checked my DruidModule anyways.

public class DruidPluginsModule implements DruidModule
  public List<? extends Module> getJacksonModules()
    return ImmutableList.of(
        new SimpleModule().registerSubtypes(

  public void configure(Binder binder)

Any ideas why the indexing service doesn’t recognize my new partitionSpec type?


Thanks @himanshu. Tis simply had to do with the fact that my shell wasn’t expanding ~ into full path when including the jar.