Indexing task data not available for querying quickly


I have seen issue where indexing task’s data isn’t available for querying right at the time of task start.

Data becomes available for querying when pending segment gets created for the task running.
I am not aware why pending segment creation takes so much time(approx 90 mintes to 120 minutes) after indexing task starts.

Anybody aware of the issue, please help.

I got it solved. My indexing tasks were waiting for worker threads to be assigned.

Saurabh, could you post more about what you did to solve this? We have a similar issue. What there a configuration to make more threads available? Thanks!

You may check whether your indexing tasks are waiting for worker threads to be assigned at:


If they are, check your middle manager runtime config for how many worker threads your middle manager can run. If it’s misconfig, you may increase and restart, else add another machine for middleManager.