Indexing tasks not completing

Hi all,

I am currently trying to integrate Druid into one of our Luminis products and have had a number of difficulties. I tried to use tranquility-code directly, using the sample Java program. I eventually got this to work, in that it ran the program and reported success. However, looking at the Druid console, the indexing task which was created did not complete, and was still showing as running after 30 minutes. Looking at the file system, there are no files in var/druid/segments, nor in var/druid/indexing-logs.

I kept trying this, after restarting all the Druid processes (following a delete of var and log and issuing bin/init) but exactly the same thing happened each time until eventually, oddly, the program stopped running to completion and started giving message dropped exceptions after lengthy timeouts. At that point, no indexing tasks were being created - nothing showing in the Druid console. To start it creating indexing tasks again, I had to reboot my machine (a Macbook pro).

So I tried streaming data into Druid using the tranquility server, doing everything by the book in the quick start section. This resulted in similar behaviour. issuing the curl to post the data resulted in {“result”:{“received”:25,“sent”:25}}, and the indexing task appeared in the Druid console, but once again it just sits there, does not complete and does not create any logs or segments. I’ve attached some relevant bits from the logs. There did not seem to be any corresponding activity in the historical, broker or co-ordinator logs. However I’ve just spotted something in the Zookeeper logs which may be relevant - also attached.

I’m using Druid 0.9.1 and tranquility 0.8.2. All help greatly appreciated.

Regards, Stuart

Middle manager.log (8.78 KB)

overlord.log (3.95 KB)

tranquility server.log (8.19 KB)

zookeeper.log (1.1 KB)

I have same issue …Druid console (port 8090) is not completed. I’m also using Druid 0.9.1 and tranquility 0.8.2. What is your segmentGraunulity and windowPeriod ? I think these have an impact.

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