Ingesting multivalued field containing a JSON array

Hi All,

I am trying to ingesting a dataset with a field containing JSON arrays. From what I undestand, Druid should be able to detect and ingest it automatically as a multivalued field, but…

It seems to be considered only as a string, and not as a multivalued field!

Should I specify something for it to be considered as a multivalued field?


Do you have an example input JSON event?

The multivalued field should be detected without additional specification.

Yes, here is an example:

["- Le Mag (Qté : 1)","- Hébergements (Qté : 1)","- Carte Touristique (Qté : 1)","- Passeport (Qté : 1)"]

This is the value of a single field called “theme”.


And here is my related question to the imply-user group:!topic/imply-user-group/AHlZ1M5OKEk

Hi Jed, to help reproduce the issue, could you supply more info? such as:

  • Druid version.

  • Ingestion spec.

  • Attaching a file with a few affected records for the ingestion.

It’s best if you can file this as an issue here:

And supplying any files as gists: