Ingesting non standard format data from a Kinesis data stream


I have to ingest data coming from a Kinesis data stream in an unusual format (following some industrial norm) compared to the examples of the documentation. Here are two examples:

{ “IoT_735_PL014_ECP001_S1_TUR004/WALM1.ST.Alm.ackTm”: “false”, “IoT_735_PL014_ECP001_S1_TUR004/WALM1.ST.Alm.almLev”: “1”,
“IoT_735_PL014_ECP001_S1_TUR004/WALM1.ST.Alm.idx”: “0”, “IoT_735_PL014_ECP001_S1_TUR004/WALM1.ST.Alm.par1”: “243”, “IoT_735_PL014_ECP001_S1_TUR004/WALM1.ST.Alm.par2”: “377”,
“IoT_735_PL014_ECP001_S1_TUR004/WALM1.ST.Alm.t”: “1599755973”, “IoT_735_PL014_ECP001_S1_TUR004/WALM1.ST.Alm.tripTm”: “false”,
“id”: “27022927”},

For the first example a more conventional json would be (however I have no control over the kinesis data stream format):

It has been difficult for me to find how to express that in terms of a google search to find related situations, so apologies if this is already answered.

How do you recommend I can proceed with this? Is it best to have an intermediary step that transforms the data from the stream into a nicely ingestible json, and if so which technical solution would you recommend (in AWS environment)? Or is it possible to do that in Druid?

(This is a repost as I was not happy about the formulation of my previous post).

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Hey Adam - in your example it does look like you’re doing field renames - you can use a super simple transform for that - but your also adding a field called “asset” which is abstracted from an actual field name? Is that right?

Maybe look at AWS Lambda to do transformations on the Kinesis stream if you want maximum control and flexibility?

Ping me back if this does / doesn’t help…!

Oh I think I get it… preceeding the / you get the asset name… and you need to pull that out into a different event with the asset as a dimension value… hmmm… Yeah I think you will need to use a stream transform to do that… (/me continues thinking)

Yes, it’s what we decided to do in the end! We used an AWS Lambda to transform the data of the stream in a more suitable format for ingestion.
It is now fine for ingestion!

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No worries. Let us know how it goes :smiley: