Ingestion succeeds but segment 0% in datasource

Ingested 2 small files. Ingestion was successful with 1 segment
I can see segments in UI as well as in deep storage, but when I goto data sources it says 0.0% available(1 segment) , 1 segment to load. I have tried all option but can’t figure out
it also doesn’t show up in query screen. What could be the issue

Sometimes it takes awhile for segments to appear and be available for querying, even after they’ve been ingested. Did they appear? Or has this problem remained?

Can you tell us about your cluster and how it’s configured?

How is Deep Storage configured? Is this a clustered deployment or standalone?

deep storage is s3, my metadata was messed up
this is a small cluster with 1 mm, 1 history, 1 query and 1 master for a poc purpose so we are just using derby. In the middle someone had changed it to postgresql

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