InputSpec specification static "paths" value

What are valid value for the InputSpec specification static “paths” value?

I specified the folder name containing csv files and it seemed to index correctly. Should I continue using a folder path?

“ioConfig”: {

“type”: “hadoop”,

“inputSpec”: {

“type”: “static”,

“paths”: “/tmp/hdfs-remote-folder-path”




However, the documentation ( seems to only suggest file paths are valid:

"paths" : "s3n://billy-bucket/the/data/is/here/data.gz, s3n://billy-bucket/the/data/is/here/moredata.gz, s3n://billy-bucket/the/data/is/here/evenmoredata.gz"


Also in the Druid example (druid-0.8.3/examples/indexing/wikipedia_index_hadoop_task.json):

“paths”: “examples/indexing/wikipedia_data.json”


Hey Mark,

The value there is passed directly to Hadoop, so anything accepted by Hadoop is valid. I believe it accepts directories, comma separated files, and globs (like *).