My professor suggested Druid for Real time Analytics. I have gone thru the Documentation at . I could not find the installation and configuration process.

I am Using a Windows 10 operating system.

As i read the documentation here is what i have understood regarding the setting up druid in my PC.

1)Download the TARBALL

2)Unpack it into a folder

3)download and install Zookeper.

So I would like to know if this is all or do i need to get a Virtual machine with a Linux operation system and then do all thees process.

Thank You

Hi Ujjwal, has all the steps you will need in order to setup a druid cluster.

Thank you Nishant

Note that Windows is not officially supported (it might work, or it might not). We simply don’t have the developer bandwidth to properly test things in a Windows environment. As such you will want a VM running some variant of Linux.

HI Allen,

I figured that out I have just installed the VM with a linux into it . I will download the tarball. Continue the steps of installation.

I am trying to get the twitter data stream and apply the sentiment analysis NLP techniques. I will contact if I need help. Can i know if anyone has ever done this before? That would be helpfull.

Thank You