instance not creating in EC2 AutoScaling for multiple Tasks

Hi Guys ,

I am using AutoScaling Indexer with equalDistribution.


“selectStrategy”: {

“type”: “equalDistribution”


“autoScaler”: {

“type”: “ec2”,

“minNumWorkers”: 0,

“maxNumWorkers”: 10,

“envConfig”: {

“availabilityZone”: “us-east-1e”,

“nodeData”: {

“amiId”: “xxx”,

“instanceType”: “m3.xlarge”,

“minInstances”: 1,

“maxInstances”: 1,

“securityGroupIds”: [“xxx”],

“keyName”: “xxx”





My plan is to create multiple instances when multiple task will be submitted to Overlord.

When i am submitting 1st task to Overlord. Overlord creating worker and submitting the task But when I am submitting next task it is going on waiting task queue (Waiting Tasks - Tasks waiting on locks). Not creating one more worker after submit task.

I am using wrong “selectStrategy” ?



Hi Jitesh,
What is the interval of tasks you are running with ? I guess the task is in waiting due to interval overlapping of intervals and lock collision.

try running two tasks with different intervals.

Thanks Nishant,

You are right . I forget to check task interval.

Thanks you.