is changing ip of a historical node in config safe

we deployed some historical nodes where we accidentally put the ‘external’ ip of the box instead of the ‘internal’ ip.
Now these historicals have downloaded segment data on the disk.

My question is, if i change the ip in the config file and restart the node will it cause issues?

The issues I can see:

From the perspective of the co-ordinator, this is a brand new node (cause of the new ip), but it will have loaded the data of the (now removed) node (with the external ip).

Hi Prashant, this should be safe. The node will try to load up whatever segments it has downloaded on startup and the coordinator will recognize that.

For historicals the IP address is used ephemerally, so a restart with new values should work fine.

It is worth noting that I think the default binding is to, so even if something somewhere manages to have a stale cache for a few milliseconds, it should still be able to query the node so long as the route between the nodes is preserved.