Is direct DB access the only way to change used = 0 for Kill Task in Druid 0.6.146

In the docs at the kill task says that

Killable segments must be disabled (used==0) in the Druid segment table.

I looked around the docs but couldn’t find any way via druid to do that. One obvious way is direct DB access. Is there any cleaner way to change this flag? I mean there should not be a need for directly interacting with druid’s internal tables.

Your used should be set == 0 if the segment is not used in the cluster anywhere. Try adjusting your rules to make sure the segment is not loaded in the cluster.

If segments become invalidated (because newer versioned segments overshadow older segments for the same time interval), or if you set up data retention to remove segments periodically, they will be flagged as unused. After that, you can hard delete them.

How to hard delete it?

Set rules for your retention period. Wait for Druid to drop obsoleted data. Run a kill task.