Is druid suitable for this use case?

Hi there,
I am planning to use druid, not sure whether these use cases fit.
I have 3 primary use cases:

  1. Give me emails of all the users who satisfy a predicate such as sum of visits > 100.
  2. Give me details of a specific user who has email=“some email”. (will return 1 row for that user)
  3. How many visitors were there this month? (sum of visitors)
    My data is both historical & real-time with new clickstream events coming in through streaming constantly.

Although use case #1 and #3 look like something druid can handle easily, I am skeptical about #2 since it is a row level get. If druid is indeed a good fit for #2 as well, which query should I use (search query) ?



Anybody? Please guide.

Hi Gaurav, Druid meets all your use cases.

The fastest way to get started is to try as the current Druid documentation is terrible for a PoC. As for your queries, Druid supports a SQL-like layer ( so think about the SQL queries you are trying to make and let PlyQL do the optimization for you.