Is ingestion of different data with same dataSource and granuality interaval time possible?


I am ingesting data with different sets of dimensions and metrics. For this I have made difference ingestion spec file for it.
All different specs file have same “dataSouce” and "granualitySpec Interval ".

While ingesting when one task process, I am able to query the ingested data correctly.

But later after other Ingestion task process. I am not able to query the earlier data.

I am always checking status of ingested data as success as given below.

Task completed with status: {
  "id" : "index_companyname_staging_ui_test_2015-11-25T11:01:21.105Z",
  "status" : "SUCCESS",
  "duration" : 183650

I guess I am missing something very basic thing.

Please suggest.

Do I need to make different dataSource for different sets of dimensions and metrics. If no? then how to achieve it.


Druid uses MVCC. You can reingest data for the same datasource and interval. Newer versions of segments replace older versions.