Is it possible to have 2 separate druid clusters on same ambari


We have multi tenant hdp cluster so we have different namespace for hdfs.
We already have a druid cluster. So can we have a another druid cluster with different set of nodes in same hdp cluster. Since we will be having same ambari and zookeeper how the leader election will happen and how the managed nodes will direct the data to specified namespace of hdfs for deep storage.

Any suggestions will be great help.


Yes you can do this.
Ambari provide utilities to define Group Configuration see the attached picture and Druid has a config for Zookeeper prefix (

Thanks @Slim Bouguerra for the information.

Is configuration group which we add with nodes work on the particular nodes . Is it mean that when you execute the commands from those machines the new configuration group properties will apply from other machines default configuration group properities will be applicable. Is my understanding correct?

If above is correct , we can achieve two druid clusters in one HDP with the new machines for druid and have new configuration group created for those machines with different values.

Thanks again.