Is it possible to provide different JVM memory configuration for different Peon tasks?

From the Druid configuration reference page [1], I came to know that if we want to adjust the JVM memory params for Peons, we need edit MiddleManager’s’ . However, it becomes a global property, meaning, all peon tasks are created with this configuration. Is there any way we can provide different JVM memory params for different peon tasks, maybe by some conditions (based on data source, or task nature - index/compact). Let’s say I’m having two Kafka ingestion service. One at HOUR level and another at DAY level granularity. I want to run the DAY level indexing tasks with more memory and I’m content with just giving less memory for the HOUR level indexing task. Can we do it ?



Did you look at Additional Peon Configuration on that page, and


I saw “Additional Peon Configuration” but I don’t see JVM related properties in the provided list of list of properties. All I see are timeout and directory related properties. Please correct me, if I’m wrong.