Is jmx enabled on tranquility server (jetty)?

is jmx enabled on tranquility server which uses jetty? if not, how would i enable it?

Good question. has basic JMX settings examples, and has some more configuration information.

Are there particular things special to jetty you are hoping to see through JMX?


Charles Allen

requestTimeMean requestTimeStdDev requestsActive requestsActiveMax responses2xx responses4xx responses5xx from the org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler:type=statisticshandler mbean on jetty.

Most use cases I know of use for metrics collection and monitoring.

Looks like this specific bean is missing at

Such a feature is a very reasonable ask. Would you mind filing an issue at highlighting your use case and calling out the ways the current metrics system does not solve what you need?

my request is specific to druid tranquility server though. But, i can create an issue for druid too. it is definitely helpful.

Oh shoot, sorry I missed the tranquility part. Unfortunately I’m not as familiar with tranquility :-/