Is there a possibility to have another timestamp as dimension in Druid?

Is it possible to have Druid datasource with 2 or multiple timestmap fields as dimensions in it?
If the functionality is not supported, are there any other way of doing this?

Hi Sowmya,

It should be possible to have multiple timstamps in a datasource although only once can be considered as the timestamp which will be considered by druid while indexing. I have not tried this but if you have timestamp1 and timestamp2 fields in you data. Then you would need to decide which one you want to specify under timestampSpec the other timestamp field need to go under dimensionsSpec > dimensions as shown below.

although i am not sure why your data would have 2 timestamps? What kind of data is it?


“column”:"timestamp1 ",












Yes, it’s possible.
one timestamp will be considered for partitioning. Other timestamp fields can be ingested as either a string or as a long dimension.