Is there a REST API for getting performance data on ingesting batch data files

I am loading batch data into DRUID once every minute and would like to know how much time it takes for processing each batch file.

What are the available ways for getting such performance info?


The duration is visible in the overlord console and on a per-task basis from the overlord status api:

Console: http://<OVERLORD_IP>:/console.html

Status api: http://<OVERLORD_IP>:/druid/indexer/v1/task/{taskId}/status

Hi Ryan,
My overloard is time out so I could not get any info from console.html nor the status API:


I have restarted everything and got the same timeout.

Not sure what to tell you. Are you sure it’s running and you’re hitting the correct IP and port?

Actually, the port was not open on the box. It is all set now.

Also, is the duration in milliseconds?


Yes, it is.