Is there an error code system in Druid?

If you’ve spent any time with Druid, you already know that logging is available:

Apache Druid processes will emit logs that are useful for debugging to log files.

If you’ve spent any time reading the logs, you are probably very interested in this conversation. Here’s a sample in case you don’t want to go over to Slack:

Starting this thread for a discussion on adding an error code system in Druid.
Task and query failures in Druid are often difficult to analyze due to missing, incomplete or vague error messages. Sometimes, trying to make error messages richer just makes them more verbose. Also, error messages are likely to not be homogeneous in their language and level of detail as there is no clear standard around it.
What would an error code system look like?

Please feel free to participate in this discussion here.

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Love that this is happening – Logs are so important for Druid operators!!