Is there anyway we can query how many queries piling up in Druid?

We have some long running queries and sometime that would slow down the cluster. We would like to start killing some of the slow running queries. I’ve just seen a way to cancel the query but is there anyway we can list how many queries running in Druid?

Thanks. You guys are awesome.

On historicals, you’ll want to look at the segment/scan/pending metric

Thanks for your reply. I tried the query with our historical node and with GET http://historical-ip:8083/segment/scan/pending but I get 404 but I can go to http://historical-ip:8083/status and get result back. Not sure if my query is right?

Please double-check the metrics docs:

Metrics are emitted as JSON objects to a runtime log file or over HTTP (to a service such as Apache Kafka). Metric emission is disabled by default.

The way you handle them is by setting up an emitter as per


Currently I have the emitter running already and it looks great. I was wondering if the log will be able to capture any pending query? Correctly me if I’m wrong, currently I’m seeing this


Does this mean that it only shows the finished query?

segment/scan/pending is closest to what you’re looking for