Is time stamp mandatory for Real time node ingestion?


I am using real time node to ingest data from Kafka bus but I did not see the messages in real time node if the time stamp is not correct.

Could you please let me know whether the time stamp is mandatory for real time node to ingest data from Kafka bus?

Can druid real time node assign the time stamp to the ingested data from Kafka if time stamp is not present already? What should be the config spec to add this functionality.

Thanks and regards

Mahesh G

Hi Mahesh,
there is a way to specify a default timestamp for missingValues in timestampSpec -
“timestampSpec” : {

“column” : “column”,

“format” : “auto”,

“missingValue” : <default_value_if_ts_is_not_present>


However, this is not ideal way to handle wrong timestamps, you should probably fix your messages to have correct timestamps. :slight_smile: