Is tranquility compatible with storm 1.x or storm 0.10.x ?

Hey guys,

We’re looking into upgrading our storm cluster. Ideally we would like to give a try to storm 1.x

It seems like the latest version of tranquility (0.8.2) is only compatible with storm 0.9.3.

Any of you guys managed to successfully run tranquility on storm 1.x? or at least storm 0.10?

Some people mentioned using a bridge that makes storm 1.x backward compatible. But that seemed a bit obscur.


Any suggestion?


Hi Maxime, I think the code may need to be extended (create a new module) for newer versions of storm

Hi Fangjin,
Just realized that someone tried this out recently:

Not sure if this is what you expected though, as it doesn’t look like a new “module”.