Issue while running DRUID and Kafka together

I am trying to load data from kafka to DRUID. I followed the tutorial in

Starting the zookeeper is not mentioned in the tutorials. So i started the zookeeper from the kafka bin and config in the kafka folder in localhost.

I Used ./ /Users/george.thomas01/Downloads/kafka_2.11-2.2.0/config/

Then i started the kafka server using the command in

./bin/ config/

After starting the kafka server, if i try to start the DRUID it throws error

If you need to change your ports away from the defaults, check out the
configuration documentation:
If you believe this check is in error, or if you have changed your ports away
from the defaults, you can skip this check using an environment variable:


I tried to change the ports but, it’s not starting DRUID. I am completely new to this, any help will be appreciated.

Hi George,

How are you starting druid services? are you running druid in quickstart mode as described in :

Do you see which port druid is looking for and its not available in the druid server logs ? [ druid_software/var/sv/] .

If you are running both KAFKA and DRUID on the same machine then zookeeper service is common to both and you can use same zookeeper for both the services.

Thanks and Regards,