Issue with file pulling from Azure


Am trying to pull file from Azure blob store container.

Already downloaded the Azure extension and placed it in the extensions folder.

Snippet of my *-index.json :-


“type” : “index”,

“spec” : {

“ioConfig” : {

“type” : “index”,

“firehose” : {

"type" : "static-azure-blobstore",

“blobs”: [


“container”: “new-druid-container”,

“path”: “my-data.json”





But keep on getting the error :-

{“error”:“Could not resolve type id ‘static-azure-blobstore’ into a subtype of [simple type, class]\n at [Source: HttpInputOverHTTP@10186224[c=1448,q=1,[0]=EOF,s=STREAM]; line: 1, column: 96]”}

Druid version :- 0.10.1


This typically happens when the extension is not loaded properly. Please double check that the azure extension is present in the extensions folder and the extension is specified in the loadlist in runtime properties.