Issue with Time Parsing Extraction Function

Hi Team,

I am trying to run below time parsing extraction function in Druid 0.10.1 and seems it’s not working. Am I missing anything here.

The commitDt dimension store timestamp in the given format.

“type”: “extraction”,
“dimension”: “commitDt”,
“outputName”: “CommitDate”,
“extractionFn”: { “type”: “time”, “timeFormat”: “yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm+HH:mm”, “resultFormat”: “yyyy-MM-dd” }

The output I am getting is something like this: “2018-04-17T18:00+01:00”

The input data looks like: 2018-04-17T18:00+01:00

Appreciate your help here.

Looks like you are not parsing the timezone correctly, try using X x or Z :


Not sure if that will solve your issue though.