Issue with Tranquility Segment Granularity

What exactly does segment granularity mean? According to this discussion, segment granularity is confined to the types specified in here. If I set segment granularity to ‘minute’, does it mean that real time tasks would be sent to segment node every minute? Meaning that every data I send to tranquility server will be reflected in the druid datasource every minute? However when I set to to ‘minute’ and set windowPeriod to ‘PT10M’, and inserted one single data to the server, the datasource is not created until about 20 minutes after. Do I misunderstand the meaning of this variable?

btw I’m using imply 2.23 to perform the above task.

I’ve also tried setting window period to one year, ‘P1Y’, which in theory should accept data from July 2016 to July 2018. I remained segment granularity to ‘minute’ since I want data to be processed to historical nodes every minute. However when I send a data with timestamp “2017-01-20T03:32:54.586415” the tranquility receives the data but is not willing to send it. What is the problem here?