Issues with "intervals" Field When Upgrading Druid Versions

I am trying to experiment with upgrading to a newer version of Druid. For reference the newer version of Druid I am referencing here is Imply 3.1.1/Druid 0.16.0-incubating-iap1 and the current version I am referencing is Imply 3.0.13. However there does seem a slight issue in my ingestion specification when I attempt to use it in the newer version of Druid. The issue seems to be with the use of the “intervals” field in the granularity spec. In our current use of that field we specify the intervals and that doesnt seem to cause any issues with our parsing when it comes to ingestion. However, whenever I attempt to test against the newer version, even though I specify the time inteverals in the same way that seems to be causing issues. In particular it seems to cause every row to be thrown away at ingestion time, which implies that the rows may be out of the time interval but I do think that would be the case and we did not experience any issue with the time interval in the older version. So my question is has any changes that could be potentially be causing this kind of issue?

Hi there!

Could you post your ingestion spec please?

I believe this issue is resolved. It was a problem on our end with the ingestion spec that we were using. Previously in the time interval that we were using for the intervals only had granularity to the second. This seemed to be fine for the older versions but did not work for the newer version. When we added millisecond granularity, the ingestion was fine once again.