JavaScript filter problem - "unknown exception"

I’m experiencing a strange problem and can’t seem to find a good explanation for it.

I have a JS filter that looks at a dimension and calls JSON.parse() on it to check values in the json for the result (this json data changes a lot, so we opted to not create specific fields in the ingestion schema).

The JS looks like this:

function(value) { if (value === null || value == ‘’) return false; var data = JSON.parse(value); return (data[‘idle_time’] == 16000); }

It seems like once the interval passes a certain threshold it bombs out, if I reduce the size of the interval, and process iteratively, it works fine, so I don’t think that it is a data issue (i.e. content that cannot be parsed)

Is there any way for me to identify what the root cause is? I watched the druid log files, and it still only logs “unknown exception”.

If there is something I can provide that will help, I’m more than happy to.

Are you looking at the broker logs or the historical/realtime logs? Usually the “lower level” nodes (historical/peon) will have more detailed errors available.

i looked at broker and historical. the broker one had the only thing related to the error, and only said “unknown exception”

Hi Ryan, do you happen to have the full stack trace of the “unknown exception”?

I do not - I haven’t been able to get anything more detailed than that. is there something I could do on the server to get that? is there a log level setting that would dump that out?

or even better, a way to get that error back through the client?

The exception should generally be reported back in the body of the result. Curious to understand the issue a bit deeper.

yeah the only thing that comes back at all is { “error”: “Unknown Exception” }

what log settings should i have to make sure it does come back?

There’s no settings. Can you post the full stack trace from the broker?

that’s what I’m saying… there is no stack trace in the logs… thats why I’m stumped.

Can you post the entire broker logs from around the time when the exception occurred?