JSON file for data ingestion task, from Hadoop to Druid

Hi lads,

I am new to Druid DB. I passed through quickstart setup on my local machine.

In addition, I tried to ingest data from my Hadoop cluster(say location A) to Druid(installed on my local machine, location B). I followed some instructions outlined on the website, but I hardly managed to make any progress. I got lost with all those fields necessary to include in JSON.

Thus, I was wondering, can anyone here share JSON file for data ingestion, regarding transfering data from Hadoop cluster to Druid. I just need some kind of template JSON file.

Kind regards,


Hi Sava :

Can you try this ingestion template : http://druid.io/docs/0.11.0/ingestion/batch-ingestion.html , and just change the “path” under “inputSpec” to something like “hdfs://:8020/path/to/source/data.json” .

Hope this helps