Kafka indexing service Consumer Group

Hi all,
I started using Druid 0.14.
I’m trying to figure out what is the name of consumer group it’s using.
I looked at the tasks payload, it says the group id is “index_kafka_events”, And there or not group with this name.
Moreover, We read events from a topic called “enriched-events”, and when I list the consumer groups of this topic no consumer group is found.

Anyone have any idea?

hi Alon:

“index_kafka” is the header that Druid adds to the task names. Do you have a task called “events” ? Anyway, if there is no supervisor/tasks generated to read from topic “enriched-events”, I’d check if Druid is successfully reading from the Kafka brokers first.

Hi Ming,
I have tasks which start with “index_kafka” and druid is reading events properly.
**But, ** when I list the consumer groups from the topic the indexing service reading from ,
I expect to see “index_kakfa_*” groups , and there are no consumer groups.
So my question, why kafka doesn’t know about the existence of those consumer groups?

Hi Alon:

druid kafka indexing task keeps topic partition offset by itself, don’t commit it to kafka, Therefore, you can’t get information from kafka.

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