Kafka-indexing service data is not queryable

Hi Druid Users,

I just did a local setup of kafka indexing on my local. It seems to be working fine because I see the tasks in the running state in the overlord console. Also, when I see the events, it seems to be flowing into the peon for processing:

2018-03-26T19:10:29,103 INFO [MonitorScheduler-0] io.druid.java.util.emitter.core.LoggingEmitter - Event [{“feed”:“metrics”,“timestamp”:“2018-03-26T19:10:29.103Z”,“service”:“druid/middleManager”,“host”:“”,“version”:“0.12.0”,“metric”:“ingest/events/processed”,“value”:1394,“dataSource”:“pageviews-kafka”,“taskId”:[“index_kafka_pageviews-kafka_25b172bf146fc55_nlhcehdg”]}]

But when I query using a spec:


“queryType”: “groupBy”,

“intervals”: [“2018-03-25T00:00:00.061/2018-03-26T21:00:00.122”],

“granularity”: “minute”,

“dataSource”: “pageviews-kafka”,

“dimensions”: [“url”,“user”],

“aggregations”: [{

“type”: “longSum”,

“name”: “count”,

“fieldName”: “count”



I have an empty response. This doesn’t look right. Can anyone tell me if you encountered the same situation or what could be wrong ? I see that the query also hits the broker correctly and gets back a 200 status but no data.

FYI: It actually worked when I used tranqulity server to ingest data into druid from Kafka but doesn’t work through the kafka indexing service



This is something basic, but maybe it’s a local vs utc timezone issue? I’d do a quick try on relaxing your query intervals by 24h on either end to see if anything comes back.