Kafka to Druid Ingestion - Where to find the unparsable events

hey folks,

I’m ingesting data from kafka to druid using kafka indexing service. the indexing tasks are running fine, however when I look at the live indexing report, I see all the events could not be parsed and discarded. The overlord logs are not showing any error on unparsable events nor printing the records that are not parsable. Is there any other log files where I can find more additional information on the unparsable events and print the records to see why they are failing.

“totals”: {

“buildSegments”: {

“processed”: 0,

“processedWithError”: 0,

“thrownAway”: 0,

“unparseable”: 46410





Look for the task log. It should provide more details there.

Rommel Garcia

also check if your message json is correct. If you are using Imply distribution then you can build ingestion spec using Kafka ingestion option. It will provide sampling to confirm that your configuration is working as expected.