Kafka topics not available for querying in druid


I’ve been following the instructions from here (http://druid.io/docs/0.14.0-incubating/development/extensions-core/kafka-ingestion.html) to create a topic for querying.

However the topics are not visible while searching from dsql.

I’ve used these steps for a new topic creation (infotopic) but can’t find it as one of the datasource within dsql after running this supervisor spec. Could you advise if i’m missing anything here?

This poc would help me deploy druid in my organization, the idea is to replace MQs with kafka and ingest data using druid.

Create topic:

Hey Raghu,

By default Druid will only read data written to a Kafka topic since after the supervisor is created. If you write more data, does it show up then? If not, it might be unparseable based on the parser you have defined in the supervisor spec. You can check this by looking at the supervisor / task reports to see what the unparseable message stats are.