Kind of Druid Dimension Values


I am new to Druid. I have one doubt. What kind of data that we can ingest into Druid as dimension values.

I tried ingesting Strings and List of Strings as dimension values. Is it possible for me to ingest List<Map<String, Object>> as a dimension value into Druid.

If possible, please let me know how to ingest the data.


Druid, in general, can handle flat schema only. You would have a [stream/batch]processing pipeline where you normalize the data before getting to druid. You can ingest String or List as dimension value, but when your dimension value is a List, it is called a multi-valued dimension and has specific semantics when it comes to groupBy (they are “exploded” when groupBy has that dimension, that is cross product is generated) and filtering (xxx=1 would say true [0,1,2]). Please see .

– Himanshu