KIS is not working after upgrade druid to 0.10.1

We recently upgraded our druid cluster to version 0.10.1. After upgrading the cluster, our KIS supervisor task is getting the following warning, and druid segments are no longer been hand off to historical nodes, I do not see new segment been added to MySQL store either. Does anybody know what cause this issue?

2017-09-07T02:17:34,123 INFO [main] com.sun.jersey.guice.spi.container.GuiceComponentProviderFactory - Binding io.druid.server.StatusResource to GuiceManagedComponentProvider with the scope "Undefined"
2017-09-07T02:17:34,184 WARN [main] com.sun.jersey.spi.inject.Errors - The following warnings have been detected with resource and/or provider classes:
  **WARNING: A HTTP GET method, public void io.druid.server.http.SegmentListerResource.getSegments(long,long,long,javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest) throws, MUST return a non-void type.**
2017-09-07T02:17:34,196 INFO [main] org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler - Started o.e.j.s.ServletContextHandler@67f9cb52{/,null,AVAILABLE}
2017-09-07T02:17:34,222 INFO [main] org.eclipse.jetty.server.AbstractConnector - Started ServerConnector@11733475{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{}
2017-09-07T02:17:34,223 INFO [main] org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server - Started @19403ms



It looks like this warning can be ignored, We restarted KIS service, and able to see segment been hand off to historical node now.


Good to know it ended up working again. I think the message you posted is harmless.