Known Issues Tracking in Druid project

Hi all,

Reaching out to see if anyone knows if known issues in the Druid project are being tracked in an easily consumable way? There are git issues with labels and such but I haven’t really found anything that is as nice as other Apache projects JIRAs that record what versions are known to be affected and then are updated again with what version contains the fix. I find it somewhat difficult to evaluate the stability of different druid versions going off just the release notes that may not be updated with known issues once bugs are found. My main goal right now is to determine if Druid 0.13.0 is a stable production quality release of Druid or if any major bugs were found and only fixed in Druid 0.14.x since there were not any bug fix releases for 0.13.x.


Hey Lucas,

My response is one from the perspective of a team member responsible to customers success on Druid and Imply. We have many of our largest customers running Imply’s version of Druid 0.13 successfully in production.

Hey Lucas,

We track ‘fix version’ through milestones. We don’t explicitly track affected versions through any particular field, but sometimes it’s called out in the issue. Generally the latest release is the best and most recommended one. Usually if any really major bugs are found we’ll do a bugfix release, otherwise if only minor/moderate bugs are found they will get rolled into the next release from master (0.14.x, 0.15.x, etc).