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from this mail,I have known there are two BI tools we can connect to druid,now I want to gather a list of available BI tools 。

  1. Grafana

  2. Tableau byHive

Is there any other BI tools we could use with druid? - another option.

Hi there fellow Druid-er!

  • Pivot by Imply is optimized to run for Druid.

  • Looker works very well with Druid and ja a Technical partner.


an exhaustive list hope this helps:

  • Superset : great integration with druid, cannot handle complex BI viz but do the job.

  • Metabase : through native api no SQL support yet

  • looker great integration with druid, support SQL, templating SQL queries etc…but expensive

  • Tableau through avatica jdbc connector

  • Holistic

  • Redash

I may have forgotten some feel free to enrich my answer.


Hamza Azelmat

We use Superset which supports standard druid cluster connectivity. Its very easy to setup Druid connectivity within Superset.

turnilo is also an option