Load balancing in Druid


In my set up , we have two druid brokers. Idea is if one broker is down , then next broker should active. But i am not sure how to configure and achieve this. Any please point me right direction.

Broker version : 0.12.0

Hi Prabakaran,

Try using Druid Router. Which will solve your issue and also give you more flexibility.



I’m not sure why you want to have an inactive node ?

Unless I’m wrong, Druid is natively capable of handling multiple nodes of each type.

So if you have 2brokers, each one of them will respond to your queries. And if one fall down, then the other one will get all queries.

Is that a reason for you to not use all brokers at the same time ?

Hi Prabhakaran,
Druid will automatically detect your brokers (if you have more than one broker).

Let’s say you are trying to query druid from tableau or looker or druid console(if you are using druid-0.16 and above), then query will be sent to one of the brokers.

There is nothing like one broker is leader and other brokers are followers.

That leader concept is only applicable for coordinator and overlord where one of the coordinators is leader and one of the overlords is leader.

Thank you,