Load balancing overlord nodes

I have setup two nodes for overlord and coordinator, when I hit overlord on browser its redirecting to the node which is leader. So, if we need to setup under LB, do we need to write any conditions like below?

I have just added two nodes under LB, when I hit LB its directing to the node which is leader. Please some one suggest on this.

If you have multiple overlords, just one is leading at any given time. The others are on standby. To get the current leader overlord of the cluster, call:


To see if a given server is the current leader overlord of the cluster, call:


This returns a JSON object with field “leader”, either true or false. In addition, this call returns HTTP 200 if the server is the current leader and HTTP 404 if not. This is suitable for use as a load balancer status check if you only want the active leader to be considered in-service at the load balancer.

Can some one please suggest on this?

Hi Nazeer,
Yes, the above behavior is expected one. the leader is the active one doing the things and the non-leader ones are just standby’s.

The api’s to check for leadership are intended to provide a way to add readiness checks to the LB’s or have client side logic for sending queries to the leader where redirects aren’t supported.