Load Data is disabled in Console UI

I recently enabled the basic security and suddenly when I bring up either the
master node or query node the “Load data” and Query option is disabled. How can I enable it.
I removed the basic auth extensions and the entries from master common property file but the load data is still disabled.

also if I invoke directly like
ip:8081/unified-console.html#load-data, I get Failed to get overlord modules. request failed with status code 404
Any idea

It sounds like you hit this:

It is important to note that any Druid console user will have, effectively, the same file permissions as the user under which Druid runs. One way these permissions are surfaced is in the file browser dialog. The dialog will show console users the files that the underlying user has permissions to. In general, avoid running Druid as root user. Consider creating a dedicated user account for running Druid.

In your use case, are you able to create a dedicated user account to run Druid?

not at OS level, druid installation is done as root.

With druid basic security I created a druid user in druid and trying to login as druid
but I dont know how to login with that user
tried clearing cache, there is no logout option
the ui console just shows up without the load-data and query option

do you think installing as root is the issue?